Boost Students’ Success in College and Beyond Graduation in 10 Critical Areas

This 135+ page resource contains 10 detailed workshops to help your students:

  1. Develop Grit and Resilience
  2. Feel Comfortable Seeking Help
  3. Overcome Resistance to Change
  4. Become a Critical Thinker
  5. Confidently Make Decisions and Competently Solve Problems
  6. Handle Stress in Healthy Ways
  7. Develop Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  8. Focus and Gain Self-Control
  9. Communicate Effectively
  10. Maintain Healthy Friendships and Relationships

Each workshop includes prep pages, a sample agenda, active elements, handouts, worksheets, resources, discussion questions, audience adaptation tips and what’s working on other campuses — everything you need to prepare your students for success.


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